The annual maintenance process of mechanical equipment in hydraulic systems ②

2. The hydraulic oil should be replaced three months after the first use of the hydraulic system, and then every six months to ensure the normal operation of the system.


3. During the operation of the hydraulic system, the oil filter should be checked for blockage at any time and the filter element should be cleaned or replaced in time.


4. The hydraulic system should always have wearing parts and spare parts, components and auxiliary parts in order to handle faults in a timely manner.


5. When the indoor oil temperature does not reach 25℃ in winter, sequential actions are not allowed to be started. When the oil temperature is higher than 60℃ in summer, pay attention to the working condition of the system and notify maintenance personnel to deal with it.


6. For equipment that has been shut down for more than four hours, the pump should be run without load for five minutes before starting the actuator.


7. Do not arbitrarily adjust the interlocking device of the electronic control system, damage or arbitrarily move the position of each limit stop.


8. When a fault occurs in the hydraulic system, no unauthorized tampering is allowed. The maintenance department should be notified immediately to analyze the cause and eliminate it. Regularly inspect components and accessories of the hydraulic system

Post time: Jan-10-2024