Troubleshooting of Four Faults of Hydraulic Motors Ⅱ

1. crawl
The reasons may be: unstable leakage, damage to the motor support frame, changes in bearing positioning, wear of parts, serious oil contamination, and the wrong phase between the distribution shaft and the guide rail surface, causing inaccurate oil distribution and inconsistent forward and reverse rotation speeds. The inspection and troubleshooting method is: clean or replace the valve shaft or cylinder block. If the motor support frame is damaged, the bearing positioning changes, or the parts are worn, the bearing positioning should be replaced and readjusted; If the oil is not accurate, you should perform a no-load test run. Loosen the fixing nut on the fine-tuning cam, turn the fine-tuning cam, and adjust the relative position of the valve shaft and the guide rail surface until the phenomenon disappears. Then tighten the nut and calibrate the phase angle of the valve axis in the test machine. After that, you are generally not allowed to move at will.

2. The rotor is stuck
The possible reasons are: the gap between the plunger and the plunger hole, the rotor hole and the valve shaft increases, the wear debris in the oil enters the motor with the high-pressure oil, and the motor is stuck; the back pressure oil inlet throttle hole in the heat dissipation circuit is clogged. , causing poor heat dissipation, unable to wash away contaminants inside the motor, causing the local temperature of precision fitting parts such as the valve pair and plunger pair to increase, causing thermal shock and seizure; wear debris from the valve plate of the high-speed plunger motor and impurities in the system enter The plunger hole may pull the cylinder, bite the cylinder, or get stuck; loose screws on the return plate will cause the return plate to deform, making the plunger spherical surface inflexible, causing the plunger and the return plate to get stuck.
The inspection and troubleshooting methods are: disassemble the hydraulic motor, clean the parts, and replace damaged parts; replace the valve pair and plunger pair if the matching clearance is incorrect; replace the oil if necessary.

Post time: Jan-23-2024