Matters Needing Attention in Vane Pump Management

Taizhou Hongyi Hydraulic is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of VQ pump. If you are interested in the VQ series high-pressure fixed displacement vane pumps, you’ll look ahead.

Scope of application:

High pressure and high performance vane pump for construction machinery.

Features and advantages:

1. The ability to achieve high working pressure in a compact external dimension, ensuring high power-to-weight ratio and reducing installation cost.

2. The inherent low noise characteristic of the parent-child blade mechanism improves the comfort of the operator.

3.12 Blade system ensures small amplitude of flow pulsation and low system noise characteristics.

4. Designed to prevent internally induced hydraulic balancing of radial loads on shafts and bearings to ensure long life.

5. Double pump and through shaft drive configuration saves installation location and cost by eliminating double shaft extension motors or by reducing the number of motors and drive couplings.

6. The on-axis drive type provides valuable loop design flexibility, such as quantitative and variable types on a single input drive.

7.16 kinds of flow displacement and the ability to achieve high working pressure provide you with a good choice and a single supply capacity for the entire range of flow and pressure requirements.

8. The factory tested cartridge kit provides the performance of the new pump after installation.

9. The movement kit structure can ensure quick and efficient on-site maintainability. The movement is separated from the drive shaft, and the flow capacity and maintenance can be easily changed without folding the pump from its base.

10. The oil inlet and outlet can be oriented into four different relative positions, providing great installation flexibility and facilitating machine design.

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Post time: Dec-30-2021